About Us

Facts & Figures
1.5M+Video Views
per month
1,200+excercises with answers per course
80,000+courses sold
proprep values achievement, commitment, creativity, practice and learning. Our team works around the clock to provide quality
material from esteemed academic leaders to support the learning process for students around the country and the world.
With over 45,000 videos and limitless options for course customization, students receive clear explanations on the content they need.
The result is deeper understanding of material, improved problem-solving techniques, and better grades for the student.
Founded in 2008, proprep was established to enhance the learning experience for all students. The company has served over
120,000 students in Israel under www.gool.co.il since its founding, as well as high school students in Vietnam under www.hochnuy.com.
Our Mission: To improve the level of students’
understanding by introducing a tailor-
made way of learning.